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It is matter of pride to note that we have exemplary achievers in the medical profession all over the country & abroad. I am deeply impressed to note that there are some families amongst us dedicated to this noble profession. Our doctors are engaged in serving the needy to cover the entire spectrum of the economic strata and also in various specialties & super specialties , both in India and in the international stage.

This platform on the web is to :

•  Connect the doctors in our community for sustained interaction, exchange thoughts and leverage their professional excellence for mutual benefits.
•  Provide impetus to the recently launched AIBK M Mahasabha Doctor’s Forum.
•  Invite mentors from this progession to create more medical professionals from our educated youth who have inclined to pursue this noble profession.
•  Conceptualize Bhavsar Arogyasparsha program to reach all Bhavsars for health needs.

Please send in your recent accomplishments and success stories of our Bhavsar Doctors to to feature in this section with a subject line Bhavsar Success: Doctors .

We are pleased to note that we have the coordinators who are making their best efforts to make this a meaningful forum.

For Maharashtra:


Dr Ratnakar Fulzule ( Cell: +91 98 22 231171)

For Karnataka:

Dr.Sadashiv Karane:

Dr.Prabhakar B.K. (Cell no.+919448496583.)

For Andhra Pradesh:


Dr.Gopalrao Bagade ( Cell No: +919491382602)

Dr.Nagendar Bhokray ( Cell No: +919866230071)

Shri Mahadev Patange (Cell No;+919246109641)
President A.P.

Jai Ho, Bhavsar Samaj.

You are requested to fill in the enclosed form and forward to your state coordinators.

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