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Bhavsar Entrepreneurs

Creating opportunities for good quality of life for the citizens is the main focus for any nation or samaj. In today’s world, the opportunities are available only for those who are willing to learn new skills and be competitive. Efforts are being made to encourage entrepreneurship and create new avenues for generating employment in small & medium sectors of business & industries by government, public & private enterprise. Entrepreneurs choose to take personal, professional & financial risk to pursue many opportunities available in today’s globalized world. The rewards for such adventures are huge as proven by our own samaj members.

Due to the paradigm change in the market dynamics and continuously eroding opportunities in the traditional skill sets of our samaj people, we have a genuine concern to create employment for our youngsters. It is now mandatory to encourage our youth to engage with new world and prepare them to access new knowledge & resources. Both government & private sector together are not able to create job opportunities for the youth of this country. Our samaj has to be ready to invest their time & all possible resources to develop VOCATIONAL skills & also ENTREPRENEURIAL skills. There are huge opportunities available for our youth to leverage the ongoing development in the country and encash to achieve success.

Our Bhavsar youth have a potential and desire to choose this path but will need to evolve innovative ideas. They will need mentors to guide them on DO’s & DONT’s and be successful.

Towards this direction, AIBK MAHASABHA proposes to roll out ENTREPRENEURSHIP FORUM with following objectives:

Identify the economically valuable & demand led skills required based on the need for specific locations in the country.

Encourage, educate & empower our youth to engage with local industries & government bodies to start vocational training programs.

Build leadership by providing mentorship & timely interventions to ensure that we adapt and respond to market needs.

Create a framework so that all stakeholders make best efforts to create value for all involved.

This Forum is not intended to reinvent the wheel but to share the best practices and network all those successful BHAVSAR who have made their identity and have known the secrets of being sucessful . They can prime up the engine and make budding Bhavsar Entrepreneurs dream come true.

Please send in recent accomplishments and success stories of our Bhavsar Entrepreneurs to feature in this section with a subject line Bhavsar Success: Entrepreneurs .

The success stories can be the leadership roles in samaj or in Entrepreneurs group/NGOs/ institutions.

Jai Ho , Bhavsar Samaj !!

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