Constitution of AIBK Mahasabha

Mahasabha was established in the year 1911 at Dharwad, presently in the Karnataka State and was being headed by the Presidents successively since 1911. The First President of Mahasabha was Late Sri Mahadev Rao G. Telkar of Harihar, Karnataka. Among the Presidents many dignitaries like Sri Ranoji Rao S. Bhambure, Sri Srinivas Rao Tikare, Sri Utterkar L. Ramchandra Rao, Sri G.G. Rampure, Dr. M.D. Mahindrakar and Sri Ichcharam Bhavsar, Shri. Kalayan Das. Gadale and other eminent persons had been the presidents and have led Mahasabha to peak heights. Presently Mahasabha has obtained manifold dimensions.

The Constitution of the Mahasabha was formulated in the year 1917 and having regard to administrative difficulties, developments over a period and changing circumstances, was amended from time to time. This is an ongoing process.

All India Bhavsar Kshatriya Mahasabha Constitution:


We the people of Bhavsar Kshatriya Community residing in India and Abroad, hereby solemnly declare and affirm to develop our Community socially, economically culturally and educationally, give this Constitution to ourselves, with a view to organise our Community residing in India and Abroad and to confirm supremacy and superintendence by all our organisations working under the auspices of the Akhil Bharatiya Bhavsar Kshatriya Mahasabha.

• All India Bhavsar Kshatriya Mahasabha :

Bhavsar Kshatriya Community having been desirous of constituting into a Central Organisation thus came to be formed as a Supreme Body under the name of “Akhil Bharatiya Bhavsar Kshatriya Mahasabha” and for brevity purposes hereinafter called as “MAHASABHA” and registered the Institution under the Societies Registration Act 1860 vide Regn. No. 904 of 1938-39 Mumbai.

• Jurisdiction and Nature of the Organisation :

The territorial jurisdiction of the Mahasabha shall extend to the whole of the Union of India and the States comprising in the Union Territory and Abroad, wherever Bhavsars reside, The Working Committee of the Mahasabha may increase or reduce the area of any State or alter the boundaries.

• The Mahasabha shall be a Non-Political Organisation:

• Office:

The Registered Office of Mahasabha is situated at Mahajanwadi, 12, Parmar Guruji Marg, Parel, Mumbai -400 012. The Administrative office of the Mahasabha shall be situated at such place/places as its Working Committee shall decide from time to time.

• Aims & Objectives

1. Mahasabha shall safeguard the interest of Bhavsar Kshatriya Community and shall do everything to uplift the Community socially, economically, educationally and culturally for all round development.

2. Mahasabha shall promote brotherhood and unity amongst Bhavsar Kshatriya Community and all other sections of Bhavsar Community.

3. Mahasabha shall work in the spirit of National Unity and Integrity and also / create an atmosphere to encourage our people to work for the progress of the Nation.

4. With a view to achieve its aims and objects, Mahasabha shall form and constitute Societies, Trusts and other Institutions in accordance with the Constitutional provisions and for rendering democratic administration and undertake the following activities.

5. To identify Bhavsars in Cities, Districts, Townships and Villages and form their organisations and affiliate them to Mahasabha and to bring them in the fold of Mahasabha and to a common platform for common good.

• To impart good education technical, professional, vocational and support the education pursuits.
• To work for the economic development of the community and support financially through various Schemes.
• To protect and preserve properties owned by Mahasabha and other Bhavsar organizations affiliated or
otherwise and render assistance/ advise for proper documentation and administration.
• To protect and preserve heritage and culture of the community and promote / spiritual and religious culture among Bhavsars.
• To eradicate social evils and promote guidelines and health code on social evils for the betterment of the community.
• To bring awareness among Bhavsars particularly women and involve them in various developmental activities and assert for them for their privileges at all levels for justice, social, economical and political liberty and equality of status and opportunity.
• To work for and support Bhavsar organizations, affiliated or otherwise, monitor and render guidance, advise for better discipline and administration.

• Supreme Body:

It is hereby declared that all the Organizations, Societies, Trusts and other Institutions affiliated or otherwise working under the Auspices of the Mahasabha shall at all times be and are subject to Supremacy and Superintendence of Mahasabha.

• Funds/Source:

Mahasabha shall accept donations, contributions, subscriptions or legacies, endowments in cash or kind for building corpus fund or otherwise and raise funds in any other manner as decided by Working Committee from time to time.

• Membership:

Sanstha Membership : All Bhavsar Sansthas Institutions. Committees or Organizations, functioning at the local places, shall be eligible for Institutional life membership both with the State Units and Mahasabha and they shall be admitted on an application made in the prescribed form On payment of the following fees.

CATEGORY A: Sansthas located in a places where there are 301 and more Bhavsar houses, shall pay a fee of Rs.1,000/-.

CATEGORY B : Sansthas located in a places wh’ere there are 101 to 300 Bhavsar houses, shall pay a fee of Rs.5OO/-

CATEGORY C : Sansthas located in a places where there are Bhavsar houses not exceeding 100, shall pay a fee of Rs.250/-

Other Institutions: Institutions other than those specified above such as Federations, State level organizations (excepting those created by Mahasabha) shall be admitted on application made in the prescribed form on payment of fee of Rs. 500/- (may be increased by Aesolution) and they shall be entitled to nominate, five delegates for representation in the General Body Meeting, Election of the President of Mahasabha and for election of State President.

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Regd Office :
Mahajanwadi, AIBK Mahasabha (R)
Regd. no. 904/38 dt, 11-08-1938)
12 Parmargurji Marg, Parel,
Maharastra, INDIA