Education is the means to answer all questions in life. It has a formative effect on mind, character of the individual and also on society & nation at large. Our Government also has recognized the importance of the education and has promulgated Right To Education Act,2010. The salient feature of the act is available here for you ready reference.

Besides the primary education, there are facilities available for Vocational skills to train our samaj members. As one reaches high school, the thrust to focus is crucial and our samaj can create a revolution in the field of education when our educated people volunteer to guide our children and youth to exercise the right to be educated and choose the right education to match their interests and opportunities.

Traditionally the focus of education has been on engineering, medicine, pure sciences. The ongoing globalization has opened up new education opportunities in media, fashion design, hospitality etc; sectors . Our youth need to be aware of such avenues and pursue education accordingly.

If you feel strongly that the education is the enabler to build strong & sustainable samaj, we invite your participation as Bhavsar Bandhu to provide the guidance to our children & youth. You can opt to be a Bhavsar Bandhu by exercising the choice in the registration form.

Jai Ho, Bhavsar Samaj !!.

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