Employment / Career

Employment / Career

To be gainfully employed and build a career is the crucial milestone of anyone’s life. Education leads to employment and is the most important step to meet the further aspirations and lead a meaningful life. While it is an ongoing challenge to create employment. To be employable with suitable knowledge and skills is a continuous challenge for the youth in today’s competitive world.

The journey for a meaningful employment and career starts with selecting the right education /vocation. The right choice should match the talent of the individual and also the financial support he/she has access for. Our traditional jobs are being lost due to the onslaught of the changes in the textile & garment industry. We need to create awareness of the new employment opportunities available for the youth.

Vocational Training Program

This prepares our youth for jobs that are mainly based on manual and practical methods and are mostly non academic in nature. This is related specifically to occupation or vocation and the trainee, directly develops expertise in particular area. The labor market has become more specialized and economies demand higher levels of skill, governments and businesses are increasingly investing in the future of vocational education through publicly funded training organizations and subsidized apprenticeship or traineeship initiatives for businesses.

Professional Career

The recent advances in IT, Life Sciences , Media and many high tech areas have opened up excellent opportunities for our youth beyond traditionally preferred Medicine & engineering fields. Our youth need regular counseling on what are the new avenues available and the road map to make it possible. Today’s employer emphasizes not only on the basic qualifications but also on various factors like soft skills, emotional maturity levels and communication. To make a resume, with right content & objective and appropriate responses in a job interview is essential to get employment.

Congratulations to our Bhavsars who are now employed and are creating value for themselves and all stake holders. In today’s job market the right network is also critical to know and prepare for the opportunities available. Potential employers are also giving due weightage to good referred candidates.

YOU can make the difference in opting to be a Bhavsar Bandhu and mentor our youth to build their career and our samaj, a common obligation for all of us. Opt for this opportunity to create more successful Bhavsars in the registration process.

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