Bhavsars are peace loving and law abiding citizens all over the country and abroad. This is the main characteristic of our people which has made us to integrate well with the society and respect the law of the land. To reinforce this and establish basic legal literacy in the spirit of creating awareness, we intend to highlight various legal & constitutional provisions in this section. The legal literacy is insufficient at all levels in the society despite their economic & academic status. This makes a person unable to recognize injustices done to him/her. When a person is ignorant of basic human rights, social welfare schemes fail to be effective as he/she is unable to avail of the opportunities provided by the Govt. to enhance the standard of living of an individual & the Bhavsar samaj. Legal Literacy is the effective tool to address human rights and recognize their civil, political, social and cultural rights. Only when the people can be made aware of what the laws offers to them, they will be less susceptible to injustices confronting them. The absence of legal awareness is mainly responsible for exploitation and deprivation of the rights and benefits from which the poor suffer most.

Some of the laws are listed below which would help our samaj people to be legally literate.

We invite our legal specialists to highlight the provision of the above mentioned laws in a succinct way for the benefit of our samaj. All our members are encouraged to contact our Bhavsar Bandhus in Legal wing to seek counseling and advise. The legal system in our country does not deliver justice on time and the parties involved undergo anxiety, anguish besides financial burden. It is our earnest desire that our Bhavsars are legally literate and lead a happy, litigation free life.

Based on the response to this, we can eventually create a Legal forum at state & national level.

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