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Marriage is a sacred duty that entails both religious and social obligations. The selection of the bride/bridegroom is a process wherein the entire family on both sides are engaged to match many complex parameters. As in the entire country, our samaj people have progressed in their understanding of the minimum age for the marriage. Please refer to the LEGAL section in the Bhavsar Bandhu tab, to understand the basic laws related to marriage.

During the last decade, the Bhavsar communities are organizing “Vadhu Vara Milan” programs for parents and eligible bride/grooms to participate and optimize the complexities in choosing the right match. Please visit EVENTS GALLERY to get the update on such “Vadhu Vara Milan” schedules announced on regular basis. Besides these schedules, we have match makers in various cities supporting the cause of finding right match. Such match makers are encouraged to register themselves as Bhavsar Bandhus by clicking the Bhavsar Bandhu button below. We have also provided the facility for seeking support to find the right partner. Please click “NEED HELP” button to avail help to choose the right partner.

Our Bhavsars in various parts of the country have adapted to the local traditions while maintaining the core procedures of marriage ceremony. The marriage ceremony is usually formalized by a religious priest. However, in recent times many marriages are also registered as per the process of law to ensure that the couple who may need to comply with legal requirements for Visa purposes, if need be.

To leverage the internet technalogy and ensure that vadhu vara milan can take place amongst widely dispersed Bhavsars, a matrimonial portal has been integrated. please click here.


  • The REGISTRATION is FREE for all aspiring BRIDES & GROOMS till further notice.
  • On REGISTRATION, anyone interested in the profile of BRIDE/GROOM shall send a mail to FEEDBACK: Matrimonial.
  • The ABBK M Web team shall send the contact details to the registered member to contact the interested Bride/Groom or their contacts.
  • In case, the interested party does not receive any communication from the registered member within 15 days, it may mean that the registered member is not keen to respond.
  • This is a FREE facility for the benefit of all Bhavsars worldwide. Please exercise due care and discretion to use this medium responsibly.
Jai Ho Bhavsar Samaj !!

Disclaimer : The matrimonial portal has been provided on trial basis. We solicit feedback on regular basis about the performance related issues, if any. please write to with subject line: Feedback - Matrimonial.