Our motto is a healthy Bhavsar community willing to move forward and contribute to the self development & nation at large. Studies reveal that more than half of populatio cannot understand basic healthcare information, worldwide. In India the problem is more substantial. Low health literacy reduces the success of preventive care and treatment resulting in prolonged health problems, which are avoidable. As the old saying goes HEALTH IS WEALTH and our samaj is keen to engage all stakeholders on this crucial aspect.

The AIBK Mahasabha has already rolled out initiative to address this by building a Doctors Forum at state & national level. This forum is to meet clearly defined objectives besides creating the health literacy for our community people. We envisage to start Bhavsar Arogya Sparsha program and the main objectives of the program are:

Reach preventive medical care to our needy Samaj Bandhus .

Facilitate corrective action for the cases which need immediate medical attention.

Create awareness about health & build ongoing bridge between the doctors from our samaj & needy Bhavsars.

Highlight the high cost of misunderstanding of vital aspects of health and minimize financial & emotional burden.

Create Health advisory groups at all levels for regular interaction amongst those who are affected with health issues and the doctors who can provide guidance.

This is the platform to seek support on health issues preferably on proactive basis. Already lot of information is available on net to address the literacy. The members are encouraged to post specific queries to our Bhavsar doctors and seek advice.

Jai Ho, Bhavsar Samaj !!

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