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Bhavsar Bandhu

We are a scattered community all over India and abroad. The community members belong to various economical strata and are making their efforts to climb the ladder in pursuit of success and happiness. Some Bhavsars have accomplished their aspirations on their own during their journey. Many more Bhavsars need a helping hand and guidance to make their dreams come true. They have not been able to access such guidance due to various limitations. This section is one such effort so that we can make EACH ONE REACH ONE happen.

This is an Online platform created for building bridge between Bhavsars who need support in various areas and locations and those are willing to extend the support. The Bhavsars who are ONLINE can create a true revolution to make this innovative attempt to bridge our community people. Besides one’s own requirement, the Bhavsars are encouraged to post stories of people in our community who have talent but limitations to access resources. The requirement to make a needy Bhavsar successful may be just a word of advice from the right source at the right time.

We believe that this section aptly called Bhavsar Bandhu will be leveraged well. In this section various members can register themselves as Bhavsar Bandhus who are willing to volunteer to extend the much needed support to make all of us as a community ,successful.

Jai Ho, Bhavsar Samaj.

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Regd Office :
Mahajanwadi, AIBK Mahasabha (R)
Regd. no. 904/38 dt, 11-08-1938)
12 Parmargurji Marg, Parel,
Maharastra, INDIA