Grand Success of Ms Prarthi Dhawale, daughter of BVI National President Mr Anil Dhawale, in Chartered Accountant Final Exam..
Ms Prarthi Anil Dhawale the daughter of National President of Bhavsar Vision India and the Managing Director of Madhuban Business Group Mr Anil Dhawale and Mrs Swati Dhawale, has achieved a great success in Final Exam of Chartered Accountant at the age of just 22 years old.
Ms Prarthi completed her school education at Aurangabad from Maharashtra Public School and the higher education at Pune. She is very ambitious to become Chartered Accountant from her childhood. This passion and great efforts turned into her grand success. She wishes to have Masters degree in Business Administration.
Founder of ABBK and BVI Hon Shri. Narayanraoji Tatuskar, Hon Shri K V Rao, Hon Shri Iccharamji Bhavsar, Hon Mrs Prabhatai Bhavsar, Hon Shri Manojkumar Phutane, also the Ministers of Maharashtra and businessmen have congratulated Prarthi for her achievement and wished her All The Best for her Bright Career.
Prarthi has devoted her success to her Parents Mr Anil Dhawale, Mrs Swati Dhawale and grandparents Mrs Yashoda Dhawale and Mr Dattatray Dhawale, her teachers, well wishers and all Bhavsar friends.
Our Heartiest Congratulations to her and Best Wishes for her Bright Future!!!


Ms.Prarthi Dhawale