Bhavsar Samaj shall be the most respected Samaj in the society


”Engage & Empower” all Bhavsars in India & abroad and unleash the power of cooperation for the benefit of all Bhavsars.


Values are like the compass which lead us to right direction when we intend to plan a journey. Like the seven colors make the RAINBOW and the seven notes makes any universal music possible, every BHAVSAR will make best efforts to follow the seven values in his personal journey .Likewise, the seven values for BHAVSAR are

B: Belonging & Bonding with community & society

H: Humility in all dealings with the fellow human beings.

A: Awareness about self & society.

V: Vitality in all tasks undertaken to make it happen.

S: Self Reliance to live with dignity all through the life.

A: Adaptable to the change, which is the fact of life.

R: Reliability in keeping up the commitment.


Following are the objectives of the samaj articulated as TEN points program by our past president Shri. Kalyandas Gadale.

Engage Bhavsars & their Affiliations to participate in samaj activities.

Empowerment of women.

Human Resources Development programs for Children & Youth.

Provide Education and Career Guidance.

Create awareness amongst Bhavsars for enhancing their economical status.

Eradication of social evils.

Strengthening of Mahasabha and its Organizations.

Create awareness about Government programs & concessions for inclusive & equitable growth of our samaj.

Protection & Preservation of Samaj Properties.

Preservation of our Heritage & Culture.

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Regd Office :
Mahajanwadi, AIBK Mahasabha (R)
Regd. no. 904/38 dt, 11-08-1938)
12 Parmargurji Marg, Parel,
Maharastra, INDIA