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Bhavsar Vision India


Bhavsar Vision India is a Club formed to develop acquaintance among Bhavsar Bandhus and for the upliftment of Samaj Bandhavas by implementing programs namely, Education, Employment, Personality Development, Blood Donation, Medical Aid, Guidance for Entrepreneurs,Samaj Seva, and such others.


Vision without action is merely a dream;
Action without vision just passes time;
While vision with Action can change the world.


1 Friendship:
Bhavsar Vision provides one of the basic human needs friendship and fellowship.

2 Personal Growth and Developments:
Membership in Bhavsar Vision continues one's growth and personal development.

3 Leadership Development:
Bhavsar Vision is an organisation of leaders and successful people, serving in Bhavsar Vision is like a college education in leadership.

4 Continuing Education:
Each month at Bhavsar Vision there is a expert speaker from different field to update their knowledge.

5) Entertainment:
Bhavsar Vision offers conferences, Picnics, Tours, Dinner Meets, Celebrations of Birthdays & Wedding Anniversaries that provide entertainment to the members.

6) Fun:
Bhavsar Vision provides fellowship, Samaj activities and fun in service.

7) Public Speaking Skills:
Bhavsar Vision develops confidence and skill in public communication.

8) The Development of Social Skills:
Every month members have an opportunity to develop their skill through Bhavsar Vision Meetings Samaj Seva Activities, Mahasabha Activities and Social Functions.

9) Family Programmes:
Bhavsar Vision provides opportunity for spouses and activities to assist family members in the development of values.

10) Prestige:
Day by Day Bhavsar Vision is becoming most prestigious service organization in our Samaj. It includes Doctors, Engineers, Bank Managers, Executives, Professors, Professionals and Leading Business people of our Samaj'

11) Nice Samaj People:
Bhavsar Vision Members above all, are nice people. They are important people of our Samaj who believe in the adage that "It is nice to be important; it is more important to be nice".

12) No Secret:
Bhavsar Vision has no secret handshake' No secret policy, no secret meetings or rituals. It is an open Samaj society of men and women who simply believe in helping others,

13) Business Development:
Bhavsar Vision consists of a cross section of every business of our samai people.

14) The opportunity to serve:
Bhavsar vision is a service club to our samaj. Its objective is friendship and, service,leadership. This is perhaps the best reason for joining Bhavsar Vision the change to do something for samaj use while experiencing self fulfillment in the Process.

15) Our Door Is open:
Bhavsar Vision's Door is always open to the finest people of our Samaj who believe in friendship, service,leadership


a) This Club shall be composed of Bhavsar Bandhus ( both men and women) who are adult persons of good character and of good reputation in their business and profession, having their places of business or residence located within the territorial limits of the club.

b) Membership shall be extended to Bhavsar Bandhus belonging to various
professions, by invitation only and the total number shall be confined to minimum 25 members.

c) Any vacancy in membership created due to any reason, such as death resignation, moving out of territorial limits etc. shall be filled up by inviting other Samaj Bandhus with good standing, proposed by any of
the existing members, subject to approval of the Board.


The territorial limits of this Club shall be limited to the area where the club is located.


The Club shall meet at such times and places as it may determine or upon the call of the President.


  1. The Governing body of the Club shall be the Board of Directors composed of members namely Governors Ambassador, Imm. Past President, president, president Elect, Vice President, Secretary Joint Secretary, Treasurer,Directors, Captain & Bulletin Editor.

  2. This board stays in office for one full calendar year i.e. from 1 st January to 31st December, and shall be responsible for doing whatever may be necessary for the furtherance of the purposes of the Club, the attainment of the object, preservations of the ideals of the Club etc.

  3. The Board of Directors, with a two-third majority shall have a right to expel any member of the club and the member of the Board of Direc- tors of the club, from the membership of the Club.

  4. The decision of the Board of Directors in all club matters is final,

Subject only to an appeal to the Club. However, as to terminate membership, member, may appeal to the Club. if appealed, a decision of the board shall be reversed only by two third vote of the members
present, at a regular meeting specified by the board provided a quorum is present and notice of the appeal has been given to each member at least one week prior to the meeting. If appealed, the action taken
by the Club shall be final.


a) The President and all the members of the b'oard shall take office on 1 st January immediately and shall serve for the term of office or until a successor has been duly elected and qualified,

b) The president shall be elected not more than two years but not less than eighteen months prior to the day of taking office. The President shall serve as president-Elect for the year immediately preceding the year as president. The president shall take office on 1 st January and shall serve for a period of one year or until a successor has been duly elected and qualified.


Each Member of club should attend its regular meetings. The member must attend at least 60 percent of the regular meetings. He can make up the absence by attending any Bhavsar Vision club in India, during the month. The member has right to attend the regular meetings of any Bhavsar Vision Club in India. If a member fails to attend the required 60 percent of regular meetings the Board can terminate the membership of such Member.


Every member shall pay an admission fee and annual subscription as decided by the committee from time to time.

Membership shall continue during the existence of this club unless terminated or resigned.


Vision service:

This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans which will guide and  assist members of the club in discharging their responsibilities in matters relating to club service. This committee shall be     responsible in matters relating to the club service. This committee shall be responsible for attendance Fellowship, club Bulletin, Membership, programme and public Relation.

Project Service:

This committee shall be responsible for the community service activities of the club and shall supervise and Coordinate the work under this committee.

Woman welfare:

This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans dealing within the community with the welfare of woman by providing assistance and support to those in need.

Child welfare:

This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans dealing within the community with the welfare of children by providing assistance and support to those in need.

Where feasible and practicable in the appointment of club committees there, should be provision for continuity of membership either by appointing one or more members for a second term or by appointing one or more members to a two year term.
No Member shall be eligible to serve on the same committee for more than two successive years except as otherwise specifically provided in by-laws.

The magazine committee shall wherever feasible include the editor of the club publication and a local news paper or advertising member of the club.


Whenever a locality is thought to be a good prospect for a new Vision. The Governor should -be contacted, who appoint. An interested member as his special Representative who in turn takes steps to organize a new Vision.

What is the minimum number of charter Members required for a new Vision club?

Minimum 25 Members required to start a new club.

What is the basis for membership?

The principle of classification of professions and vocations is the basis for membership of a Bhavsar Vision.

How does a person become a member of a Bhavsar vision?

Membership is not by application but by invitation. According to un filled classification, person who is identified as prospective member, will be invited and elected by the Board of Directors and inducted as a member.

What are the obligations of membership?

1. To attend meetings regularily.
2. To pay the dues promptly.
3. To work for the object of Vision, through various committees.
4. To be a leader in ail endeavors, social, civic and national which make for human betterment.

What are the functions of Vision Service?

1. Arranging, regular meetings, guest lectures
2. Promotion of Attendance
3. Growth and sustenance of membership
4. Publication of bulletins.
5. Publication of Magazines.


Year Governor Theme


Raju B.Jawalkar 
Governor Elect

"You Can make the difference"


Raju B.Jawalkar

"You can make them smile"



Area Governor 101 Ramesh Mahindrakar


" Joy of Giving"


Area Governor 102
Gurunath Mirajkar



Area Governor 101, Beburao G. Trimalle,


"Leam to live Live to Learn"

Area Governor 102
P.D.Shashidhar, Bangalore.


Area Governor 101,


“Enjoy Vision”

Area Governor 102
P.D.Shashidhar,  Bangalore


Area Governor 101,


"Hand in Hand"

Area Governor 102
Shantaram Rampure


Area Governor 101
K.G. Tikare,



"Born to Lead"

Area Governor 102,N.Doulatrao

Area Governor 103
Girish Wyachal


Area Governor 101, A.G.Amte,


" Aim To Excel"

Area Governor 102,
Suresh Nawale

Area Governor 103, Manojkumar Phutane. Pune-PimpriChinchavad.



Year of Establishment             Name of the Club.

                                  Area 101.

1         2001                 Bhavsar Vision India, Hubli.
2         2001                 Bhavsar Vision India, Dharwad.
3         2001                 Bhavsar Vision India, Bijapur.
4         2001                 Bhavsar Vision India, Gulbarga.
5         2007                 Bhavsar Vision India, Gadag.
6         2009                 Bhavsar Vision India, Belgaum.
7         2OO9                Bhavsar Vision India, Goa.

                                  Area 102

1         2001                 BhavsarVision India, Davangere
2         2003                 Bhavsar Vision India, Chennai.
3         2004                 Bhavsar Vision India, Bangalore.
4         2004                 Bhavsar Vision India, Coimbatoor.
5         2007                 Bhavsar Vision India, Kumbhakona
6         2008                 Bhavsar Vision India, Shivamogga.

                                  Area 103

1         2006                Bhavsar Vision India, Solapur.
2         2008                B.V.I. Pimpari-Chinchawad
3         2008                Bhavsar Vision India, PuneCentral
4         2008                Bhavsar Vision India, Auranabad.
5         2009                BhavsarVision India Yeola. (Maharashtra)
6         2010                BhavsarVision India Hydrabad

Any enquiry, doubts, explanations please write to the National Committee to the following address.

The Chairman,
National Committee Bhavsar Vision India
J C ROAD HUBLI -580020.(Karnataka)
Ph; (0836)2356582, Mob: 94481 16993. Fax: 91 +836+2356586

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