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India is a young country with more than 60 % of the population in the age group 17-30 years. We can extrapolate this statistics to our samaj too.The youth are partcipating in defining new aspirations for themselves, their families and the nation at large. During the last decade, country has made significant progress in Information Technology,Automotive and many high technology areas. Some of Bhavsar Samaj youth are previleged to participate in this exciting journey.

The participation of YOUTH in samaj development activities is mutually beneficial. Our youth have better exposure due to the overall developments in the country and the best efforts by their parents . The young people have interesting and valuable opinions and the opportunity to engage them with samaj can bring in quantum leap in our efforts to create a better samaj. Research about youth has proved that they are very interested in issues affecting them. They have better understanding of their strengths and weakness and are passionate to pursue their choice.

Our samaj has dire need to connect our senior leadership with the youth to catalyse the samaj activities. Our samaj is going through a major transition in terms of the efforts made by our YOUTH to achieve their potential. The recently concluded Bhavasar Yuva Sparsha presented a picture of our youth who are willing to face challenges and overcome obstacles. Our youth’s presence ON THE NET is an encouraging sign and many of our samaj people can leverage this to reach and be aware of the samaj activities.We cannot afford to loose steam on the momemtum achieved with our youth leadership from the camp and also some good role models in Bhavsar Vision.

We envisage that the participation of the YOUTH will be encouraging to make this YOUTH GALLERY more meaningful in bridging our people. We invite suggestions from our YOUTH to make this section a most frequently visited for creating value for samaj & have fun.

Youth Parishad Karnataka

Youth Parishad Andhra Pradesh

Watch video of Yuva Conference on youtube

Please send in recent accomplishments and success stories of our Bhavsar youth to to feature in this section with a subject line Bhavsar Success: Youth.

The success stories can be the leadership roles in samaj or in youth group/NGOs/ institutions.

Successful Young BHAVSARS
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ABBK M - YUVA PARISHAD Working Committee 2013 - 2017

National President

Shri. Satish M Jadhav

Cell: 09845526538
E-Mail :  

General Secretary

Mrs Roopa Ambekar.

E-Mail :



Additional General Secreatary 

Dr Kailash Jawade.

Phone : 91 8806 004111

Advisory Board 

Mr Srinivas Devale

E-Mail: Bellary
Mr Sunil Bhavsar

Phone : 09425969022
Madhya Pradesh

State Leaders



Mr Siddu Maladkar

Phone : +91 7204 889012
E-Mail :

Andhra Pradesh


Shri. Raghavendra Gadale

3-5-1094/14, Plot No.15,
Venkateshwara Colony,
Hyderabad- 500029
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Cell No. 098494 - 43563

E-Mail :

Tamil Nadu





Mr Raju Mahendrakar

Phone : 91 9820089031
E-Mail :




Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan


Mr Vipin Bhavsar

Phone : +91 9993111205



Mr Divyang Kashikar

E-Mail :

Executive Members


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